I made it in the fascinating world of quarter horse by chance, so I decided to make my dream a reality.

It all started with English riding. The contact with horses always brought me a lot of happiness but I could not find my place in any discipline.

One day I saw Arizona, a 10 month old solid sorrel paint horse filly. You would tell me this is nothing very special. But I think I had an illumination. She is now like my best friend. An exceptional mind that gives me great joy riding and hiking.

This is how I chose my way. I wanted everyone to know that these horses have great minds, they are so exceptional that you can trust them even with your eyes closed. So I inquired about the breed, the morphology of the breed, disciplines... The world of western riding.

I would like for the Western discipline, the riding and their horses to spread all over Europe. That is why I have decided to follow two main lines to my breeding. On one side recreation horses, family horses, who are incredible for hiking. On the other side competition horses "show" horses with good paper (all around, pleasure, hunter ...) and for some of them, results that can be viewed in AQHA competition.

Enjoy your visit on the website and don’t hesitate to contact me for information or simply to exchange.

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